Tips on Volunteering

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You say volunteering. We say investing!


Volunteering is a great way to get experience in an area you’re interested in. There’s honestly no better time than now to dedicate some of your spare time to a cause or organisation.  By the time you’re ready to apply for your dream job, at least you can tell them that you’ve had experience in the said area.

I think by now you’re used to our style, and so below there are 4 key tips to that may help you in your pursuit to volunteer:


1. Think!

Be sure to take some time for yourself about what it is you want to do and why. Once you’ve got a better idea about what you intend to do you’ve then provided yourself with a starting point. You should also make sure that whatever you go for, it doesn’t compromise your wellbeing.


2. Consider!

So it’s really important that you take into consideration how much time you’d be able to devote to volunteering. For example, you could have lectures/classes 5 days a week, does that mean you can manage to do voluntary work on the 2 remaining days? In theory it may sound okay to begin with, but remember there may be other things you have to do on at least one of the days. In short, be sensible about how much time you have to give..


3. Search!

Go for it! Look for one or multiple organisations/roles that are best suited to what you initially thought about doing. During your search, just remember t go for organisations/roles that are ethical and legal. You should also be sure that (if you’re employed or affiliated with a company) there’s no conflict of interest.


4. Contact

So it’s assumed that you’ve identified one or several places you’d be willing to volunteer for. You should now get into contact with the relevant contact and express s your interest in volunteering with them. If you make it clear that you’d not only like to offer your services, but you’d like the opportunity to develop your skills and education,

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