What to do if you ever have to re-sit

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Can we just advise you to not be disheartened. Having to re-sit does not mean you’ve failed at life and it is NOT the end of the world. So before you read on, remind yourself that you’re totally a badass and you’re going to do better next time.


Now that’s over and done with, we’re going to give you a few tips (as we do) on what to do if you have to re-sit any exams or re-submit any assignments.



It’s so easy to get into a panic when you don’t pass something – trust us, we’ve been there too. You should use this time to reflect on the results you received and after you’ve had your moment of sadness, do what you can to maintain a calm mind-set.



It is highly likely that you would have had feedback if it was a piece of coursework, and unlikely you’d get feedback from an exam board if it were an exam. Nonetheless, these factors shouldn’t stop you.  Now you’re all calm and relaxed, ask your tutor/lecturer for feedback where possible.


  • REVIEW YOUR WORK (if it was an assignment)

You can now take that feedback and use it as a foundation to work up from. Go over your work and identify the weakest areas and highlight them all.



It may seem like you’re going round in circles, and you’re probably thinking that you’ve spent an entire academic year revising or studying and now you have some free time, it’s being invaded again. Don’t let this hold you back though, you’re closer to your qualification than you think. You should now get your head down and revise/research the key topics at every opportunity you can, until you feel confident. (Don’t overdo it though – your mental state comes first).



Well this isn’t a long one, it’s pretty much self explanatory really. The time has come to either resubmit or re-sit so hold your head high and get that assignment submitted and/or sit confidently in that exam hall.



This isn’t even an official tip but a little positivity goes a long way.  So now you’ve re-sat or resubmitted your work, be happy – go out and enjoy your time off.

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