Revision Techniques

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Last week we gave you ideas on what you should do if you have to re-sit again, and one of which mentioned that you should revise. So here we are, a week later with tips on various revision techniques to try out.


1. Locate yourself

Some people can revise anywhere they can, others not so much. Whether you can or can’t, you should have your “Favourite Place” to revise. This “Favourite Place” can be anywhere of your choice but you should make sure that you can focus and revise.


2. Plan in advance

It’s imperative that you organise your time as best as possible. Setting a structure will enable your success. A good way to do this is by creating a timetable of some sort. Allow time for breaks and your social life!


3. Look to the past

A good technique when revising is to look at previous exam papers and/or assignments regarding your course. You’ll not only identify themes and patterns, but you’ll be able to identify the style of questioning.


4. Manage stress

Stay calm. Don’t panic. Revising is one of the most stressful things ever, especially when you’re revising for multiple subjects. Ensure you manage your stress levels because there other factors that may add to the stress. Take some time out and get some fresh air if it all get’s too much .


5. Summarise

Mind maps. Notes. Diagrams, Whatever your preference, you should seek to summarise all the clunky information you have into bite size chunks that are easily manageable.


So there you have it, 5 quick revision tips that will certainly get you by. Just remember to always put your mental health first, and if you need more tips have a look at what we advised a couple weeks ago here.


Good Luck, and have a great summer too!



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