Making The Best of Social Media for Your Studies/Future

Social Media is an everyday feature and we’re certain it is nothing new to you. However, when you put aside all the memes, GIFs, or videos you watch on Youtube, you’d be surprised how the most common Social Media sites can positively impact your future aspirations.
So, as part of our #TOPICTHURSDAYS we thought we’d highlight a few ways that Social Media will be useful for:


If you have a piece of research or information that you want to share with others, making use of Social Media could enhance your audience. For example you could organise an event on websites such as Eventbrite, and promote it on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other places you know like-minded people will be. Of course, if you wanted you could still consider traditional forms of media such as the radio or newspapers, but Social Media could give you the scope you desire (for cheaper too).
Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, and half way through realised that you have absolutely NOTHING in common with them? Well, we’ve been in the situation too many times as well. We’d advise making use of more formal Social Media spaces such as Linkedin to identify and communicate with individuals who have mutual interests with you. You’d be surprised how far these networks could take you.
Social Media can either help or hinder your likelihood of being employed, and it is all really down to YOU. We’d strongly advise that you remember that some employers review your social media accounts as part of the recruitment process, so be careful with your content.
In addition to this, Social Media is a better tool than you think when job hunting. It allows you to gain an understanding of various employers. Make use of your ‘Search’ bars.

We’re not business experts by any means but we’re certain that Social Media plays a pivotal role in enhancing business-customer relations. If you have, or intend to have a business, making use of Social Media enables you to engage with your customers in real time, and it is cost effective.

There are so many other ways that you could use social media for your studies, or even future but we hope the selected four above assist your endeavours. Don’t forget to keep us updated with your progress.

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