Secrets to getting reading material for your course

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Reading for your qualification is ABSOLUTELY a given, and also a pain in the you know what. We’re here to nudge you in the right direction and offer smarter ways for you to obtain reading materials.


When looking for reading materials, it can be easy to spiral out of control. Make sure when you are gathering material that you remain conscious about what you’re trying to understand. Remain focused at all times. It’ll then be easier to cherry pick what exactly you need to be reading. This will save you plenty of time.


Below is a list of relevant sources where you’d be able to find the required information you need. Don’t forget to plan ahead and be considerate with the time you have when looking for reading materials.



We think it goes without saying that libraries are the first place you’d think of going to get things to read but whilst you’re there don’t just search the bookshelves. Go and talk to your librarian(s), because they’ll fill you with little tricks you would have never thought of before.



Don’t be shy, have a read of journals that are associated with your course. They’ll offer you so much information



We won’t bore you too much with the obvious but online will have everything you need and more. Here are examples of some sites worth looking at; Google Scholar,  LexisNexis, JStor (you should be able to get access to most through your institution, if not contact us).



No, they’re not out of fashion. Using newspaper articles is a good way to support or corroborate information you already have. Just be careful with the tabloid papers.



Do you know that reading list your tutor gives you at the beginning of the course or module? Use it! These reading lists are usually the foundation of your reading journey to pass the said course. If you struggle to find any of the products, have a look for used versions online,



Have a look through the bibliographies of things you’ve already read, there should be loads more resources for you to look at. Also, take advantage of any recommendations you get, whether it be over social media or word of mouth.

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