BONUS Criminology Reading List

We just want to thank you for sticking with us throughout the past #TopicThursdays and what better way to say thanks then providing you with a reading list to get you on your way. We took some recommendations off others and considered our favourites too. We know there are plenty more books worth your whileContinue reading “BONUS Criminology Reading List”

Referencing & Footnoting

Academic institutions in the UK and America often utilise popular referencing systems which include: Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA), The Harvard System (often called the ‘Author Date System’), Chicago System Modern Language Association of America (MLA) American Psychological Association (APA) University departments often specify which system you should use for your assignments. Systems like theContinue reading “Referencing & Footnoting”

What to do when you have your A-Level results

No matter how your A-level results got, we want to congratulate you for getting this far; you should be proud of yourself. This topic Thursday’s aims to offer you with some guidance (In no particular order) about what you can do now you have your official results. Drop an option (AS students) If you’re anContinue reading “What to do when you have your A-Level results”

Secrets to getting reading material for your course

Reading for your qualification is ABSOLUTELY a given, and also a pain in the you know what. We’re here to nudge you in the right direction and offer smarter ways for you to obtain reading materials.   When looking for reading materials, it can be easy to spiral out of control. Make sure when youContinue reading “Secrets to getting reading material for your course”

Making The Best of Social Media for Your Studies/Future

Social Media is an everyday feature and we’re certain it is nothing new to you. However, when you put aside all the memes, GIFs, or videos you watch on Youtube, you’d be surprised how the most common Social Media sites can positively impact your future aspirations. So, as part of our #TOPICTHURSDAYS we thought we’dContinue reading “Making The Best of Social Media for Your Studies/Future”

Dealing with financial worries while studying

We know all too well how much of a challenge studying is; if it isn’t the course demand, it’s the stress of finances. We’ve referred to a few themes where you’re most likely to fall into financial strains, and dished out solution. Enjoy!   COURSE MATERIAL All students will need tools and equipment for coursesContinue reading “Dealing with financial worries while studying”

What to do if you ever have to re-sit

Can we just advise you to not be disheartened. Having to re-sit does not mean you’ve failed at life and it is NOT the end of the world. So before you read on, remind yourself that you’re totally a badass and you’re going to do better next time.   Now that’s over and done with,Continue reading “What to do if you ever have to re-sit”