We work tirelessly and conduct research at length for each of our episodes. You can either use the files below to aid your understanding of specific topics better, or download some of our latest content HERE.*

Episode 2 Resources

Episode 6 Domestic Abuse

*The information gathered on this page is not an endorsement of any particular form of research. Nor is the information to be used or referenced as brute facts because we are not an accredited organisation. The CrimiTalk team accept no responsibility for any outcomes you may find as a result of using these notes. We simply provide the said information to aid your understanding, however you use the information is at your discretion only.

Criminological Theory

We have recently created a concise “Go-To” resource detailing key Criminology theories and theorists. It aids criminology enthusiasts’ learning, revising or teaching.

Our very own Madii Hussain put together this resource for our ‘Stalking’ theme. It details the key elements of Stalking, and includes some case studies.

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