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“The experience was really good in helping me understand criminology further”
@ParisInSight – College presentation

“you were amazing in helping me and my work has really progressed thanks to your help”
@ghost_A21 – Online assignment guidance

“I’d like to thank The CrimiTalk team for your support and services. I have a far clearer understanding of criminal behaviour.”
Milly – Tutoring services

“I really enjoyed learning more about crimes”
Young Person – Workshop at JE DELVE Youth Club

“I learned a lot about the criminal justice system, especially through our (mock) trial”
Young Person – Workshop at JE DELVE Youth Club

“It was really interesting and I hope we get to see a real case in court soon”
Young Person -Workshop at JE DELVE Youth Club

“This workshop inspired me to write my own crime story. It was very interesting.”
Young Person – Workshop at JE DELVE Youth Club

“I’d love to do another workshop and focus more on certain crimes.”
Young Person – Workshop at JE DELVE Youth Club

“We really enjoyed having Je-Nice (the facilitator) over to do a workshop about the criminal justice system with our young people. We were concerned that the material might be too difficult digest but Je-Nice was very good at easing young people into the topic, explaining terms and invited lots of questions (which the young people loved!). The workshop introduced young people to the criminal justice system, various types of crimes and young people were able to use what they’ve learnt to set up their own mock trials. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and have since been asking us to arrange a visit to a court. Thank you for an engaging, educational and enjoyable workshop!”
Youth Worker – Workshop at JE DELVE Youth Club

As the President of the Criminology Society at Birmingham City Uni, I thought that it was unusual that I had not heard of Crimitalk until I started browsing around Twitter. Therefore, I promptly started engaging in Crimitalk discussions and tweets where I found out that they can proof-read my Criminology blogs. When I asked the members to proof-read my Criminology blog, they sounded eager and excited to help me out. Moreover, the feedback was incredibly useful and I have enjoyed interacting with their Criminology live tweets and discussions. Also, I wanted to especially thank Ashley for giving me really useful feedback which I have implemented in my edited blog versions. In the future, I hope to get all my Criminology Society involved in Crimitalk discussions.
Madii Hussain – Proofreading Service

Your services were so very helpful when completing my final assignment! I had such a hard time beginning it and The CrimiTalk gave me the tools I needed to successfully write an ‘A’ paper.
Triona – Assignment Guidance Service

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